Indications and contraindications for rehabilitation

in the State Health Care Institution «Grodno Regional Centre Of Medical Rehabilitation Of Disabled Children And Children With Psycho-Neurological Disorders»


  1. Absolute indications:

central coordination violation (moderate and severe violations of central coordination, asymmetrical lungs, so called hemisyndromes);детский церебральный паралич;

muscular torticollis;

Congenital myopathy;


peripheral paresis and paralysis;

movement disorders due to lesions of the central nervous system by infectious agents (meningitis, encephalitis, polyneuropathy), by physical factors (craniocerebral trauma, electrical accident, etc.)

perinatal lesions of the central nervous system of various genesis;

motor development delays;

hydrocephalus in the stages of subcompensation or compensation;

stable state after surgical treatment of the brain and spinal cord tumors.

  1. Relative indications:

statokinetic development delays;

Down syndrome and other syndromes due to chromosomal disorders;

violation of posture (scoliosis);

functional disorders of the joints (hip dysplasia, club foot).

       3.    Contra-indications for referral:

all the diseases in the acute period;

10 days after preventive vaccination;

Infectious and parasitic diseases before expiration of the isolation;

cardiovascular failure in the stages of subcompensation or compensation;

epilepsy with a frequency of generalized convulsive attacks more than 1 time in 3 months, with simple and complex partial convulsive attack more than 1 time in a month;

hydrocephalus in the stage of  decompensation;

strongly expressed infringements of intellectual-mental development;

profound disturbances of the pelvic organs;

hyperkinetic syndrome and other behavioral disorders, making it impossible to be among children

deep mental disability, severe immobility, severe disorders of tonus, severe hyperkinesis.