Admission for rehabilitation

in the State Health Care Institution «Grodno Regional Centre Of Medical Rehabilitation Of Disabled Children And Children With Psycho-Neurological Disorders»

  1. Patient deliver to the Center is accompanied by an adult close relative or he/she legal representative.
  2. Admission for rehabilitation on beds with around the clock stay and beds at day care with the duration of the change from 6 to 10 hours is conducted:

by the voucher for hospitalization. Vouchers are distributed by the Centre in accordance with requests of Central District Hospital and Grodno children’s clinics at the end of the current year for the following year. Applications are available up to 30 November of the current year on request of the Centre;

by doctor’s direction of children orthopedic and trauma department of the State Health Care Institution «Grodno City Clinical Hospital Ambulance».

  1. Admission for rehabilitation beds at day care with the duration of the change up to 4 hours is conducted:

by coupons for hospitalization, issued by doctors of children’s clinics of Grodno. The coupons are distributed by the Centre between children’s clinics in the city of Grodno according to the number of children served population;

on directions of hospitalization, issued by paediatricians (neurologist) of central district hospitals of the Grodno region. Hospitalization date must be agreed beforehand with the head of the department of the Centre.

  1. Hospitalization of patients is possible by the decision of the medical-advisory committee, working at the Center.